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Streamline your screen production by outsourcing to Quanex Building Products. With 24/7 operations at our nationwide screen production facilities (view Screen Outsourcing Specialist SOS locations here), Quanex can make your screens more cost effectively and efficiently, so you can free up plant space and focus on your core product lines and boost profits. And you can rest assured that your screens will be the best quality available.

Born from military infrared reflective technology, Quanex Building Products’ SuperCapSR™ exterior color technology absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion. It is a patented, coextruded colorant system that creates a molecularly fused color layer that becomes an integral part of the profile. Unlike painted vinyl, the tough acrylic color layer is twelve times more scratch resistant and durable to withstand delivery and installation handling. SuperCapSR is Florida, Arizona and Kentucky field weather-tested and meets the AAMA 614 color-hold standard and AAMA 615 durability standards. SuperCapSR is available on a number of Quanex window and door systems. For more information visit www.quanex.com

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with locations around the world, Quanex Building Products Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered materials and components for building products sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We design and produce energy-efficient window and door products, systems and solutions.